If you want to get credit by the SMS message, you need:

1. To register online www.kreditucentrs.eu. So, to have your user ID and password

Important! When you sign up for the kreditucentrs.eu system, ( "KC user area" > "SMS settings" ) turn on the borrowing of credit by SMS.

2. Send credit request by the mobile phone +371 27734939. In the SMS message must be: "PLEASE", your user ID, credit sum and period. All data must be separated by spaces:

for example.: if you want to get 100 Ls credit 10-day period, you must send such an SMS message: PLEASE (spice) USER ID (tarpas) 100 (spice) 10

3. Get the answer from Kreditucentrs.eu. A positive case, you will get an SMS message with a credit request code.

4. Confirm request of credit. Within 1 hour whent you get credit request code, send SMS message CONFIRM (spice) REQUEST CREDIT CODE, by the mobile phone +371 27734939. When you receive SMS message about the receive credit for success, the money will be transferred to your specified account. (Account must be indicated "KC user area" > "SMS settings" web site)

SMS is charged to you by your GSM service provider's existing tariff.
Perhaps you need to submit request of credit only from the mobile phone numbers that you've www.kreditucentrs.eu system. Otherwise, be treated as not having been submitted credit request.
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