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1. What is the status of the credit borrower?

The borrower, who meets the following status conditions:
• Not less than 18 years.
• No bare debts.
• Employed person.
• Has good payment history.

2. Do I need collateral, if I want to take a credit?

Deposits are not required to obtain credit.

3. What is the registration tax system?

Registracion fees online is 0,35 EUR.

4. In what ways can I choose credit conditions for credit system?

Credit conditions chosen in two ways:
• Online.
• When you send credit lender for an SMS message, according to the website of the procedure.

5. How to get credit online system?

To get a quick credit online you need to:
• Register.
• Log in to the system - enter your user ID and password.
• Choose the appropriate basket of credit option.
• Confirm the selected credit conditions.

6. How do I get credit by SMS system?

• to register online, this is to have your user ID and password.
• CC user area, located in SMS settings, turn on the lending of credit by SMS.
• Send credit request (space) user ID (space) selected credit amount (blank) day period by SMS to mobile. 370 phone number xxxxxxxxxx.
• Obtained from answer. A positive case, you will get an SMS message with a credit application code.
• To approve a loan application. Within 1 hour of receipt of credit request code, send an SMS maintains (space) for a credit request code, mob. 370 phone number xxxxxxxxxx.

7. What kind of personal identity information to be provided in completing the registration form system?

When filling the registration form you need to submit the following accurate information:
• Personal code.
• E-mail address to which the creditor will send a temporary password.
• Phone number to get the user ID.
• The personal account to which you wish to get a quick loan.

8. How do I register at

• The registration form write accurate data listed in paragraph 7.
• Confirm their consent to direct marketing Alfa - Omega Money Services Group s.r.o. maintain the general conditions of the credit agreement your personal data.
• Confirm that you have read and agree to the terms of the credit agreement.
• Click Continue to registration.
• Pay the registration fee from your personal account, the registration form. Non-payment of the registration fee within 60 hours. registration is deleted.

9. What are the payment details to be specified in the payment for the registration of the account

10. When and how will I receive a temporary user ID and password?

Within a few minutes to Your phone number, send SMS message to the user ID and e-mail - you temporary password, if:
• Your completed payment for registration will be settled by our bank.
• to enter your payment details.
• Payment made ​​from your personal account.

11. How to join to

Login to credit request area by entering the login user ID and temporary password.

12. How to apply for credit?

You have:
• be registered.
• Choose a bank account or credit card to which you want to get a credit number.
• Select the appropriate credit terms of a basket of credit.
• click Select.
• approve an application for credit by entering a password.
press • Take credit.

13. Do I get answer about the credit granting / denial?

If you meet / do not meet the credit status of the recipient, we will send you a reply SMS message to Your mobile telephone (Item 7).

14. Whaot of reasons I do not get credit, if the credit status of the recipient is ok?

Delays due to:
• Channels of communication disorders.
• Third-party guilt.

15. Can you get more than one credit from

You can not have a few credits from

16. What is a loyal customer?

This is a customer who meets the credit status of the recipient and must:
5 (having five credits are neatly covered with the availability of credit for 200 EUR), neatly covered with credit system.

17. Can you get more than one credit from

No, you can not have a few credits from

18. When do I repay the credit?

Refundable amount (credit and the amount of tax credit), you must pay before the due date of credit or use - credit extension.

19. How to renew the loan request period?

You have:
• be registered.
• He took credit for system.
• Pay tax credit (interest and penalty if any) to one of the accounts. Only after the payment of credit extension will be activated CC user area "> credit renewal request.
• go to CC user area"> Credit request for an extension, select the desired credit extension conditions.
• To approve the credit request entering a password.
• Click on "Renewal".

20. Is it possible to extend the repayment term by paying a deposit before?

Yes, you can register a credit request for extension of the maturity 6 hours. prior to the payment of premiums and its off to the creditor's account.
You have:
• be registered.
• Have a credit granted
• CC's Zone Credit> Credit request for extension of the "select the desired extension of the deadline for repayment terms.
• To approve individual credit conditions, type your password.
• The creditor's at work, within 6 hours of credit maturity extension of the application, pay the required amount of payment.
• After paying off the creditor's account of the repayment term will be extended automatically - you will be informed about it via SMS and e-mail.

21. What are the payment details to be specified in the payment for credit or refund of the Internet bank?

The payment of such payment give details:
• Recipient details indicated in paragraph 9.
• The purpose of the payment be sure to enter your correct personal identification number.

22. Why is the creditor failed to return the payment for the credit?

• The payment of the recipient provided false details.
• The purpose of the payment did not save the typed incorrectly, or personal identification number.

23. I paid a higher amount than the amount owed, can I expect a refund?

You will return the overpayment to the creditor:
• deducting from your other credit repayments taken.
• Once you arrive at the company's office with personal identification and a written request for a refund.

24. Can I find out how much credit application is submitted, how many I owe?

Connected to CC user menu area above my credits, you will find:
• The balance sheet for that day.
• Credit applications.
• Payment.
• Detailed billing statement.

25. How do I know my credit balance?

Send us an SMS (GSM phone number +371 27734939) from your telephone number you provided during registration system, enter the text INFO.
The answer you will get an SMS message, which will contain a credit balance for that day.

26. What if I lost my login details?

• If you have lost your user ID or password, please send us an SMS (GSM phone number +371 27734939) from the phone number you provided during registration system with text LOST. SMS will send the User ID, ​​e-mail - a temporary password.

• If you lost your phone number., join Systems - by entering your user ID and password, CC user area ">" SMS settings, you can enter a new phone number, select it and confirm major changes by entering your password.

• If you have lost your e-mail. e-mail, connect to Systems - by entering your user ID and password, CC user area ">" My Account "you can change the e-mail. e-mail address.

• If you have lost your user ID and telephone number. from their personal accounts repeat the registration fee, payment purpose by entering personal code and a phone number to get the user ID.

• If you have lost your password and email. e-mail from your personal account repeat the registration fee, payment purpose by entering personal code and a new e-mail. mail, which will give you a temporary password.


- The company no longer issues loans.

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