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What is the status of the credit borrower?

The borrower, who meets the following status conditions:
• Not less than 18 years.
• No bare debts.
• Employed person.
• Has good payment history.

How to get credit online system?

To get a quick credit online you need to:
• Register.
• Log in to the system - enter your user ID and password.
• Choose the appropriate basket of credit option.
• Confirm the selected credit conditions.

Can I find out how much credit application is submitted, how many I owe?

Connected to CC user menu area above my credits, you will find:
• The balance sheet for that day.
• Credit applications.
• Payment.
• Detailed billing statement.

How do I know my credit balance?

Send us an SMS (GSM phone number +371 27734939) from your telephone number you provided during registration system, enter the text INFO.
The answer you will get an SMS message, which will contain a credit balance for that day.


- The company no longer issues loans.

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Add to your bank account over 175 EUR from!
Due date
--.-- EUR
Credit--.-- EUR
Credit fees
Term Days
Until pay: EUR
Amount from 20 until 175 EUR, 5-30 days
Information is valid 28-10-2020
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