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About us

Alpha - Omega Services Group s.r.o. Money - the company, which issues the small consumer loans of the Czech Republic and Latvia, citizens of the EU Directive, consumer financial services (2002/65/EC). Alpha - Omega Services Group s.r.o. Money Borrowers request loans issued and all financial transactions are carried out (including repayment) EUR (EUR).

Alpha - Omega Services Group s.r.o. Money registered for data protection inspectorate controller. Registration code - 00041344. ensure that your personal data will be protected in accordance with the Czech Inspection of Personal Data and other legal requirements. all employees and agents of all responsibility to protect personal data. introduced appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect data from disclosure, unauthorized destruction, alteration, and any other unlawful processing.


- Alfa-Omega Money Services Group s.r.o. no longer issues new loans, we only accept the payments for previously issued loans.

Business hours

I-V since 8:00 until 17:00
VI-VII (credits are issued)


Alpha-Omega Money Services Group s.r.o.

Czech Republic
Moulikova, Praha 5, Smíchov, PSČ 150 00
Reg. code: 24849294

Phone no.: +371 27734938
+420 608556362

Add to your bank account over 175 EUR from!
Due date
--.-- EUR
Credit--.-- EUR
Credit fees
Term Days
Until pay: EUR
Amount from 20 until 175 EUR, 5-30 days
Information is valid 20-08-2019
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